What are the cons of underfloor heating?


Installation Costs

When considering the costs of an underfloor heating installation in Australia, you should allow for a budget of $100 to $350 per square meter dependant on the type of system you choose for your home.

Many systems able to be fitted in an average sized bathroom in just 1-2 days.

Once your underfloor heating is installed, you will still need a qualified electrician to connect to your electricity supply, this may take a couple of hours and may cost anything between $150 and $350 dependant on who you choose and where you live.

If you’re looking an installer to fit your new underfloor heating, get in touch with us and we may be able to recommend one of our Installers working in your area.

Water-based systems are often installed during the build phase and incorporated into the construction or renovation project, usually at a cost two or three times of installing an electric system.

Installation Time

As a general rule of thumb you should apply a self-levelling compound on top of the electric underfloor heating system, you should factor in the time it takes to it to totally dry until the floor covering can be set up – that is generally a day or 2. The water-based underfloor heating takes more time to put in position, although this does not usually matter too much as it will be installed as part of a bigger building or renovation project and setup is completed within a week usually.

Raised Floor Height

After installation, floor heating systems raise the floor elevation in a room by a few centimetres, depending on the type of underfoor heating system you choose. Additionally, you might want to place insulation boards beneath the heating system to increase energy efficiency possible by ensuring all of the heat goes up rather than down. Insulation boards increase the height somewhat further, by roughly an inch.

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