What will my power bill be like using underfloor heating?

Obviously this is one of the most common questions asked when people are considering underfloor heating for their home or commercial premises.

Underfloor heating is a more energy efficient heating system for your home when compared to convential heating systems and in turn your quarterly electricity bill won’t be anywhere as high as many people have been led to believe.

Heat Output

The heat output in an average installation is 150 watts per square metre for the available free floor area in main living areas (family/dining/kitchen etc.) However in bathrooms, the output is increased to 200 watts per square metre to ensure higher comfort levels & a faster response time.

Advanced Thermostat Control

The advanced thermostats used in modern installations measure the temperature in regular cycles ensuring that the correct amount of power is being used to maintain a consistant temperature. This ensures energy is not wasted by being on all the time.

Try out our running costs calculator for an actual estimated cost based on the underfloor heating installed, heating time and your peak/off peak electricity prices.

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