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Queensland Floor Heating are an Australian owned and managed company, we supply an unrivalled range of high quality electric underfloor heating products throughout Australia. We offer a free quote and design service and can supply systems fully as DIY kits to people with their own electrical contractor. 

Floor Heating is an efficient and luxurious way to heat your bathroom or home, with applications that suit all types of floors and areas. The  source of your heating comfort is invisible apart from a 24/7 Thermostat that can  also be hidden if required. 

Radiant Floor Heating systems can be applied in a range of ways. Their is In - Slab heating where the heating cables are applied in the slab tied to your  reinforcement steel, this allows for an economical whole of home heating system.

Also their is the In-Screed method where the cables are laid onto you existing slab  or subfloor and a sand and mortar screed applied normally at a thickness of 25mm.  This method heats up quickly and can be switched off and on with a short heat up  time.

Then their is the undertile cable that is a very quick heat up as the cable is embeded  in the tile glue while laying the tiles.

Lastly we have the cable mat that again lies in the tile glue, but is spaced on the  mesh to save time and is easly laid by cutting the mesh to shape around objects.

Regardless the size of your project, we will provide you our best service, from  choosing and designing the correct floor heating system through to planning the installation.  Call 0409 661 756 or email info@qldfloorheating.com.au.